Raffaele Cristodaro

"Attending the CAS in Blockchain allowed me to broaden my technical knowledge on this new technology and gain further in fields that are not directly related, such as regulations and law, which are equally important and interesting. I firmly suggest to enrol for the CAS in Blockchain to all people aiming to gain expertise in all the aspects related to Blockchain."

Meera Raval

"I was impressed at how the CAS Blockchain course was able to cater for all the participants. Some of us came with an idea that Blockchain technology existed, there were others who had been sent by their employers to get to grips with the subject so as to help in-house to start implementing the technology and then there were the seasoned crypto-enthusiasts for whom the topic was second-nature. We all came away with more knowledge than when we started the course. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in the different aspects of Blockchain technology."

Alina Arzumanyan

"With my background in banking and experience in cryptocurrency brokerage area, I was looking for an educational program to deepen my knowledge in blockchain and expand my network. CAS at University of Zurich was a perfect match. I found that the program was thoroughly organised from curriculum perspective and personal touch from the team of University of Zurich. I have obtained new knowledge in the field, understanding of how the technology works and its key applications. Having most of my professional experience in banking and finance I very much appreciated opportunity to learn more about applicable law and regulations. Last but not the least - we had a great group of students, with whom we still keep in touch and even established a small group to work together on projects related to the subject. Many thanks to our professors and to all who have organised and administered the CAS program!"

Jacqueline Boella

"- Great program, enabling students from different backgrounds to get an insight into blockchain, not only from an IT perspective but also from a business and law perspective.
- The diversity of the team (both professors and participants) generated interesting discussions
- Great place to network.  I met persons with whom I will continue to work with."