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Admission & Registration

Basic procedure

Admission to the Master's program involves two steps:

  1. Online application with the Admissions Office of UZH: The Admissions Office reviews the application with respect to the general conditions for admissions of UZH, which are based on the formal criteria of the admissions regulations (VZS): Ordinance on admission to studies at the University of Zurich Applications may only be submitted online via the central UZH Admissions Office. To complete the online application, all necessary documents listed in the accompanying check list must be submitted to the Admissions Office. The documents may only be submitted there. Unsolicited documents will not be returned or forwarded.
    Information on the application procedure
    Application deadlines
    Online application for Master's program with a Bachelor from another institute of higher education
  2. Once the Admissions Office approves the application, the dossier is forwarded to the Faculty of Economics, Business Administration and Information Technology (examination delegate) for verification of specialized academic review in compliance with faculty's regulations and basic principles. Each application is reviewed individually.

Bachelor's degree from a Swiss universitiy

Holders of a Bachelor's degree from a Swiss university may matriculate in the same specialization as their Bachelor's degree without further conditions (although additional requirements may apply).

Bachelor's degree from a university in accordance with the Lisbon Convention and all other degrees

The same requirements apply as for graduates of Swiss universities. Specialized academic knowledge is verified on the basis of the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) if at all possible.

Degree from a university of applied sciences (Fachhochschule)

As a rule, even holders of a Bachelor's degree or diploma in the same degree program (economics and business administration or informatics) may not enter directly into the Master's programs because experience has shown that applicants lack knowledge and skills equivalent to an extent of approx. 60 ECTS credits. The decision is based on the review of the curriculum of the completed studies. Applicants are either assigned to the Master's level with additional requirements of approx. 60 ECTS credits from the Bachelor’s program or they are assigned to the Bachelor's level. In the latter case they usually have to complete 90 until 180 ECTS credits from the Bachelor's program. In addition, applicants can submit a Graduate Record Examination (GRE), which contributes to the review of the subject-specific knowledge and which can have a positive influence on the level a candidate is assigned to.

Please note: graduates from a Bachelor's program of a university of applied sciences have to score an overall GPA of at least 5.0 or B in order to apply for a Master's program at UZH as of spring 2012.