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graduate campus

Graduate Campus

The Graduate Campus of the University of Zurich has been established to support PhD students and Postdocs in their scientific career.
The Campus offers funding for interdisciplinary activities, access to a large network of junior researchers and organizes courses, e.g. on transferable skills.

Graduate Campus for PhD Studens

ECTS Points


  • Holds for PhD courses, PhD seminaries, summer-schools, doctoral symposia, courses on research methodology, and didactics courses
  • ECTS confirmed in written form by course organizers will be directly accounted for.
  • Without confirmation ECTS are given according to the following estimates:
    • 1.5 ECTS per semester period per week (~14 hours of lecture)
    • 0.5 ECTS per course day (~ 7 hours of lecture)
  • Final decision discretionary to the doctoral committee
  • For examples courses, click on the categories in the table directly!

For the accountance of courses the form "Achievement Report" signed by the referent and a course confirmation is necessary.


  • Registration for the ifi Research Colloquium module
  • Regular participation of the colloquium: 0.5 ECTS per semester

Teaching Practice

  • According to the workload: 1.0 ECTS ≈ 30 h of work
  • Teaching assistance in lectures / seminaries: 0.5 - 3.0 ECTS according to the workload.
  • Assistance in a typical lecture: 2.0 ECTS
  • Supervision of master / bachelor / semester projects: 0.5 ECTS per semester
  • No ECTS for supervision or correction of exams, tests, ...
  • Discretionary to the advisor

Research Practice

  • 8.0 / 4.0 / 2.0 ECTS per publication A / B / C. The rating A / B / C is field specific
  • Downgrading in case of co-authorship is possible and discretionary to the advisor
  • Research proposals: 1.0 - 2.0 ECTS according to workload
  • Reviewing: max. 0.5 ECTS per semester
  • No ECTS for administrative reports (e.g. SNF or EU reports)
  • Discretionary to the advisor