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Tutorate und Unterrichtsassistenzen am IfI

Das IfI benötigt jedes Semester eine Reihe von Tutorinnen und Tutoren sowie Unterrichtsassistentinnen und -assistenten. Mehr...

Web Developer for Grails / Java in the Merlin project

We are seeking motivated student developers who help us implementing a Faculty Information System called Merlin that supports reporting of publications, projects, staff, and other academic data.
Merlin 1.0 is implemented as a Web-based application and will be substantially enhanced and rolled out to users in 2011. The project work includes programming, testing, continuous integration and new feature development based on user requirements. The project is in close collaboration with the software evolution and architecture lab at UZH.

This is a paid part-time developer job, ideally suited for students with good programming skills and experience in web development. Please contact Prof. Gall or Matthias Hert for more information.

Information Management Research Group

The IMR Group offers an open Doctoral / Phd position in the research field on Online Tourism Communities. Further Information can be found here:

Jobs at IMRG

Software Evolution and Architecture Lab

The software evolution and architecture lab of Prof. Gall has two open position for doctoral students. The research areas are systems of systems analysis and software evolution analysis and visualization.
For more information please contact Prof. Gall.

Dynamic and Distributed Information Systems Group

The DDIS group is looking for students working as Hilfsassistenten for three projects. Detailed information you can find on the DDIS job page.

Praktikum als Programmierer am AI Lab (UZH)

Das Artificial Intelligence Lab (weitere "Open Student Projects") sucht eine Praktikantin oder einen Praktikanten als Programmierer. Für diese Arbeit sind neben sehr guten Java-Kenntnissen auch Kenntnisse von Interaktion und Kommunikation in virtuellen Welten wünschenswert.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier.