What we expect from our students

In contrast to the undergraduate degree, the MSc program is very flexible. This versatility ranges from the elective courses to the individual weekly study plan. We expect a mature, motivated and very serious approach of the students to the available program flexibility and courses. We do not consider the students to be passive consumers of an educational service but rather as very active participants in a practice and research oriented graduate program.

We expect that students strictly adhere to professional and ethical standards as well as contribute to the university community and life as such. We also welcome students in this graduate program which have completed their undergraduate degree some time back.

The program is fundamentally designed to be a full-time program. Nevertheless, there will still be some opportunity to work part time to a limited extent. Given the objective to graduate within two years, moderate part time work up to 20% could be expected to be compatible with the program. In fact, practical work related to the chosen study focus is encouraged to some limit. Conclusively, we expect the courses program to be of highest and first most priority to the graduate students.

The program will qualify students for advanced positions in industry and science. Thus we expect in both areas prior experience such as research oriented projects and seminars, and extensive internships or similar industry experience. While the University of Zürich and the Department of Informatics provide an excellent computing infrastructure available to all students, we generally expect from computer science students that they also have access to personal computing equipment. (Discounted computing equipment is available to students; see also the offers in the Neptun-Program).