Yuliyan Maksimov, MSc in Informatics

Yuliyan Maksimov


Yuliyan Maksimov
Research Assistant

+41 44 635 43 04
Yuliyan Maksimov
IfI BIN 2.A.22

Mr. Maksimov holds a diploma in Information Systems from the University of Applied Sciences, Konstanz and an MA in Informatics from the same university. His Master thesis was a collaboration between a SAP CRM consulting company and the university. The project aimed to develop an evaluation of the new Windows app technology and to propose a strategy to the company for future action in this area. In addition, during his graduate studies, Mr. Maksimov was working as an independent sales representative and marketing consultant with clients from different industry domains.

As a research assistant in the informatics and sustainability research group of Prof. Dr. Lorenz M. Hilty, he worked on different projects e.g. “Sustainable software design — Development and application of criteria for resource-efficient software products with consideration of existing methods.” UFOPLAN project no. 3715 37 601 0 commissioned by the German Environment Agency (UBA).