Mohammad A. Achachlouei, Tekn.lic. in Planning and Decision Analysis

Mohammad Ahmadi Achachlouei

Mohammad A. Achachlouei

About me

I'm a PhD student in Planning and Decision Analysis, with a specialization in Environmental Strategic Analysis, at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden). I work at the Division for Environmental Strategies Research (fms) and also at the Centre for Sustainable Communications (CESC). My supervisors are Prof. Göran Finnveden, Dr. Åsa Moberg, and Dr. Elisabeth Hochschorner.

I was an academic guest at Empa, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, I worked on modeling and simulation of future environmental impacts of ICT using agent-based modeling and system dynamics. This project was a collaboration between Empa and CESC. At Empa, I worked with Prof. Lorenz Hilty at the Informatics and Sustainability Research Group, Technology and Society Lab (TSL). The group is also shared by the Department of Informatics (IFI) at the University of Zurich.

For more information please visit my Web site at KTH