This pages lists currently available Masterprojects in the DDIS group. If you are a group of students and would like to work on one of the desribed projects don't hesitate to contact the respective person or Prof. Bernstein directly to to talk about you own ideas.

Massively collaborative data analysis

Crowdsourcing has raised interest in both the scientific and industrial community as a collaboration model enabling the general public to join forces in order to solve otherwise challenging problems by posting them in an open call manner. Whereas the effectiveness of crowdsourcing in solving tedious, aggregative tasks is widely acknowledged, the understanding of how to crowdsource highly complex and ill-defined tasks such as data analysis is not yet fully discerned.

This thesis will investigate massively collaborative data analysis scenarios that involve diverse people with varying (and possibly limited) relevant knowledge. The goal of this thesis is to develop and evaluate a novel approach to supporting collaborative data analysis, and contribute to a better understanding of data analysis as a collaborative and distributed process accessible to a wide range of people with a diverse set of skills.

Your work will involve analytical aspect of designing processes that will allow non-experts to collaborate with data scientists to solve most exciting questions by taking advantage of the available data. Part of your thesis will be to build a prototype to evaluate your ideas in the real world setting by recruiting freelancers and data scientists. If you are interested in extending your knowledge in the domain of data analysis and excited about the opportunities of democratizing the data - driven research you should consider applying for this thesis.

Posted: 23.10.2015

Contact: Michael Feldman