SIRA Startup Event -- May 4, 2018

Leaving Your Comfort Zone – How to Start a Successful Startup as an Academic

May 4, 2018, SIRA 2018 Event


Aim and scope

Startups and spinn-offs have become a major element of academic life in computer science. Running a startup, however, is not necessarily what successful academics are trained for. Indeed, we have heard some world-renowned academics, that running a startup was their most humbling experience. Others, in contrast, have become serial entrepreneurs and have combined their research capabilities with a steady pipeline of companies.

The goal of this workshop is to share some first hand experience on how to start your own startups. To that end we invited 3 successful colleagues, who will provide the inside view and one outsider, who will provide the outside view as an angel investor on succeeding with a startup. 


The event will take place at the EPFL in Lausanne

Room BC 420, 4th floor of BC Building, School of Computer & Communication Sciences

EPFL Campus Map 
How to reach the EPFL

EPFL Map BC Building (Computer Science) (PDF, 1060 KB)


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11:15 Session 1: Academics in Startups

  • 30 Min: Titel – George Candea, EPFL
  • 30 Min: Titel – Vorname Name, Institution

12:15 Lunch

13:30 Session 2: Entrepreneurs, Angels and Academics

15:00: Close



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