Seminar Database Systems (PhD, MSc, BSc)

Organization: Michael Böhlen and Przemyslaw Uznanski
Teaching language: English
Level: PhD, MSc and advanced BSc students
Academic Year: Spring 2017

Friday 24.2.2017 14.00-16.00h ETHZ CAB H 52  
Saturday 8.4.2017 UZH BIN 2.A.01
Saturday 20.5.2017 ETHZ CAB H52

Overview and objectives: The area of this year's seminar is Cache-Concious and Cache-Oblivious Database Algorithms. Students learn how to critically read and study research papers, how to summarize the contents of a paper, and how to present it in a seminar.

Teaching format: Each participant writes a self-contained report of about 10 pages and gives a 30 minutes presentation (blackboard, without a computer). Each participant has a buddy. Buddies read the report, make suggestions for improvements, and help with the presentation (e.g., dry runs). The first version of the report is due two weeks before the date of the presentation, and will be discussed with the buddy and the professor about one week before the presentation. The final versions of the report are due on the day of the seminar.

Setup and Organization: The setup of the seminar will be discussed Friday February 24, 2017 from 14:00 until 15:00 in room CAB H52 at ETHZ. At the first meeting the available slots for the seminar will be distributed and papers will be assigned. Here are the slides of the first meeting (PDF, 64 KB). How to give talks and read papers: link. The presentations take place during Saturday April 8 and Saturday May 20 (all day). Participation at all three meetings is compulsory. The assessment depends on the quality of the report, presentation, active participation during the seminar, and input as a buddy.

Tentative list of seminar papers:

topic presenter buddy professor
April 8
(1) Cache-Oblivious Algorithms (PDF, 799 KB) Leonard Adolphs Marco Suter Przemysław Uznański
(2) DBMSs on a Modern Processor: Where Does Time Go? (PDF, 118 KB) Marroquín Mogrovejo Renato Javier Moritz Hoffmann Michael Böhlen
(6) Funnel heap - a cache oblivious priority queue (PDF, 143 KB)
     Cache-oblivioius priority queue and graph algorith applications (PDF, 186 KB)
Roy Rutishauser Olga Klimashevska Przemysław Uznański
(10) Mesh layouts for block-based caches (PDF, 1954 KB) Benedikt Steger Dzmitry Katsiuba Michael Böhlen
(11) Cache-Oblivious Streaming B-trees (PDF, 225 KB) Mrigya Agarwal Naous Houssam Przemysław Uznański
(16) In-Cache Query Co-Processing on Coupled CPU-GPU Architectures (PDF, 711 KB) Frederik Brix Jonathan Burger Michael Böhlen
May 20
(3) Cache-conscious structure layout (PDF, 1439 KB) Dzmitry Katsiuba Mrigya Agarwal Przemysław Uznański
(4) Cache-oblivioius B-trees (PDF, 186 KB) Marco Suter Benedikt Steger Przemysław Uznański
(5) Making B+-trees cache conscious in main memory (PDF, 397 KB) Olga Klimashevska Leonard Adolphs Przemysław Uznański
(7) Generic database cost models for hierarchical memory systems (PDF, 221 KB) Jonathan Burger Florian Chlan Michael Böhlen
(15) Don't Thrash: How to Cache Your Hash on Flash (PDF, 787 KB) Moritz Hoffmann Frederik Brix Przemysław Uznański
(17) An interval join optimized for modern hardware (PDF, 2237 KB) Naous Houssam Marroquín Mogrovejo Renato Javier Michael Böhlen
(18) GPL: A GPU-based Pipelined Query Processing Engine (PDF, 1220 KB) Florian Chlan Roy Rutishauser Michael Böhlen