Distributed Database Systems DDBS16

Lecturer: Michael Böhlen
Teaching language: German or English (English lecture notes, exercises, exam, and text book)
Term: Fall 2016

Objectives: The course discusses concepts and techniques for the management of distributed data using distributed database management systems. We consider architecture, database design, query processing, and transaction management for distributed databases.

Teaching format: The course consists of lectures and a course project.

Textbook: The course is based on the book Principles of Distributed Database Systems from Tamer Öszu and Patrick Valduriez, Springer, 3rd edition, 2010. The lecture notes for this course will become available as we progress through the semester.

Course project: In the course project you will implement and evaluate a solution described in one of the papers listed below. The outcome of the course project is a 5 page report that describes problem, solution, algorithm, implementation, and evaluation. The milestones for the course project are: October 10 (plan for implementation with example), November 14 (demonstration of implementation), and December 19 (hand in of report). Please send an email with names and emails of group members and prefered topic to boehlen@ifi.uzh.ch by Monday October 1, 14:00.

If you want to test your project in a real distributed environment, consider setting up a small cluster in Amazon's cloud. Amazon EC2 lets you create and manage virtual Linux (or Windows) servers in the cloud. The free tier plan gives you 750 hours of CPU time per month for free (one year only). So, if you use only 1 EC2 instance, you don't pay anything. For 2 EC2 instances you can run them without charges for 15 days, etc. If you shut down your EC2 instances when you don't need them, you should be able to use a reasonably sized cluster without paying anything. Nevertheless, keep an eye on Amazon's Cost Management page to see if you exceed the free tier plan and are charged for some services

Problem presentation: The problem presentation takes place on the 10.10.2016 in room BIN 2.E.13. You can find the schedule here.

Project presentation: The project presentation takes place on the 14.11.2016 in room BIN 2.A.01. You can find instructions and the schedule here.

Exam The exam is oral and takes place on January 16, 2017 in BIN-E.2.13. In the first part of the exam you have 10 minutes to answer questions about your course project. In the second part you will have to answer a question about a selected topic from the course. You can find the schedule for the exam here.

Lectures The lectures take place Wednesday 12:15-13:45 in room BIN 2.A.10 and start September 17. The lecture notes for the course will become available as we progress through the semester. Tentative syllabus and slides:

  • SL01, Introduction, 1up, 4up
  • SL02, Distributed Database Design, 1up, 4up
  • SL03, Distributed Query Processing, 1up, 4up
  • SL04, Distributed Query Optimization, 1up, 4up
  • SL05, Distributed Transactions and Concurrency Control, 1up, 4up