Datenbanksysteme DBS17

Lecturer: Michael Böhlen
Teaching assistant: Oksana Dolmatova, Yvonne Mülle , Kevin Wellenzohn
Teaching language: German (English lecture notes, exercises, exam, and text book)
Term: Spring 2017

Objectives: The course provides an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of database systems. It focuses on the relational data model and covers the following topics: relational algebra and calculus, SQL, relational database design, conceptual database design, physical database design, query processing and optimization, and transactions. The aims of this course are to learn the basic concepts underlying a database system; to understand how these concepts are implemented in concrete systems; and to get hands-on experience in using a database system.

Teaching Format and Exam: The course consists of lectures and exercises. The weekly exercises are an important part of the course. The assessment consists of the successful completion of 9 out of 12 exercises and the successful participation at the final exam. Both parts have to be passed independently. Exercises are only valid for the current year. The exams of the previous years can be found here: 2014, 2015, 2016. At the exam you are allowed to use one A4 sheet with your personal notes (both sides, hand written or printed) and a pocket calculator. The exam will take place on Tuesday, June 20, at 10:15 in room BIN-1-B.01 (students with family name starting from A to Saj), in room BIN-0-K.02 (students with family name starting from Sak to Z), and in room BIN-1.D.29 (students with student numbers 08715500 and 14703516). For official information, please check VVZ.

Textbook: The textbook of the course is Database Systems---Models, Languages, Design, and Application Programming, Sixth Edition, Ramez Elmasri and Shamkant B. Navathe, Pearson Education, 2010.

Exercises: The exercises will take place on Tuesday 12.15-13.45 and will be taught by Oksana Dolmatova (AND-3-02, English), Yvonne Mülle (BIN-2.A.01, German) and Kevin Wellenzohn (AND-3-06, German). The solved exercises have to be returned, in printed version, at the latest at the beginning of the next exercise class to your TA.

The group assignment is provided in this list. If you are not on the list, please contact Oksana Dolmatova.

Office hours: By prior arrangement with your exercise group assistant.

Exam inspection: The exam inspection will take place on Thursday, August 17, starting from 10:00. If you are going to participate in the inspection please contact Oksana Dolmatova before August 14.


The lectures take place TU 10:15-12:00 and WE 12:15-13:45 in room BIN 0.K.02. The lecture notes are available in 1up or 4up format. Here are the lecture slides with notes. Syllabus:

  • SL01, Database Systems
  • SL02, The Relational Model
  • SL03, SQL
  • SL04, Constraints, Triggers, Views, DB programming
  • SL05, Relational Database Design
  • SL06, Conceptual Database Design
  • SL07, Physical DB Design
  • SL08, Query Processing and Optimization
  • SL09, Transactions, Concurrency, and Recovery
  • SL10, Summary


A PostgreSQL account will be created for every registered student. You can connect to PostgreSQL via pgAdmin3 (tutorial).

For the exercises we use the Mondial database (relational schema, create statements, insert statements).

The results of previous exercises can be found here: Group Dolmatova, Group Mülle, Group Wellenzohn.

02/06/2017 15:00: The solution 11 has been updated.

Leftover exercises can be picked up from the office of the responsible assistant!

DATE Deadline Topic Material
28.2 07.3 [YM] Relational algebra ex sol
07.3 14.3 [OD] Domain relational calculus ex sol
14.3 21.3 [KW] SQL (metadata, simple DDL, DML), PostgreSQL ex sol
21.3 28.3 [YM] Transformations: RA - DRC - SQL ex sol
28.3 04.4 [OD] Advanced SQL ex sol
04.4 11.4 [KW] Functions and triggers ex sol
11.4 25.4 [YM] Relational database design ex sol
25.4 02.5 [OD] Functional dependencies, multivalued dependencies ex sol
02.5 09.5 [KW] Entity relationship model; From ER to relational model ex sol
09.5 16.5 [YM] Physical design and indexing ex sol
16.5 23.5 [OD] Query trees and plans, cost computation ex sol
23.5 30.5 [KW] Empirical performance tests, transaction processing ex sol
30.5 / Correction of last exercises and exam preparation