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Bachelor Theses

This pages lists the BSc. Theses topics currently available in our group. Don't hesitate to contact the respective person if you are interested in one of the topics. If you would like to write a thesis about your own idea you can propose it to the person most related to what you plan to do or you can contact Prof. Bernstein directly.

Behavior-Based Quality Assurance in Crowdsourcing Markets

A big problem in crowdsourcing markets is the design of robust quality assurance mechanisms. Today, the lack of methods is compensated using massive redundancy in task allocation and / or the use of voting mechanisms. Recenty research showed that the use of behavioral data (e.g., working time per task, mouse movements) can be a sophisticated indicator for the resulting quality.

In this bachelor / master thesis, you will design several worker behavior-based quality predictors and evaluate them in various domains.

Contact: Patrick de Boer or Michael Feldmann