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Department of Informatics – DDIS

  • TripleRush paper Successfully presented at WWW

    Freshly minted PhD Philip Stutz and DDIS student Bibek Paudel successfully presented TripleRush — a paper co-authored with Ela Verman and Abraham Bernstein — at the World Wide Web Conference in Florence. TripleRush is a highly parallelized and distributed in-memory graph database (or triple store) that performs better than its competitors. It also has the special feature of [...]More...
  • DDIS is also a Cake — Ich bin auch eine Torte

    Since last week-end DDIS is also a cake. In our social get together a home-made cake with the DDIS logo was presented and appreciated for both its culinary and artistic value… Unfortunately, the cake did not survive the day as many hungry DDIS-members seemed to appreciate it just a little bit too much.More...
  • Philip Stutz passes his PhD defense

    On May 4, 2015, DDIS PhD student Philip Stutz successfully passed his PhD defense. He defended his thesis called Scalable Graph Processing with SIGNAL/COLLECT, in which he introduces the scalable graph-processing framework Signal/Collect.     Congratulations!   ps. Philip’s image was added to the DDIS portrait gallery.More...
  • Two Signal/Collect Papers Accepted

    This week was marked by great success for the Signal/Collect project, as two papers were published in major outlets. First, the foundational paper of the Signal/Collect system was accepted by the Semantic Web Journal. The paper, provides a detailed description of Signal/Collect, introduces a number of algorithms, and provides a comparative scalability evaluation. You can find the latest draft here. [...]More...
  • Man vs. Machine Discussion: Abraham Bernstein at the IBM Media Talks

    Thurgauer Zeitung Online covered the IBM Media Talks which took place at Kartause Ittingen this year.This year the topic of the event was cognitive computing and the role of humans in the age of the smart machine. Abraham Bernstein both gave a presentation on his vision of the global brain (see video and article) and [...]More...

Dynamic and Distributed Information Systems Group

DDIS Group Photo
DDIS Group Photo

Welcome to the home-page of the Dynamic and Distributed Information Systems Group

We focus on research in the areas of:

  • Semantic Web / Linked Open Data
  • Machine Learning
  • Human Computer Interaction

and the combinations of the above. 

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