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Department of Informatics – DDIS

  • A generation of PhDs — Cosmin, Lorenz, and Philip — at graduation ceremonies

    Three of this year’s PhD graduates where seen at the faculty’s graduation party recently sporting shirts, jackets, and even a tie was seen. Join us into congratulating Lorenz Fischer, Cosmin Basca, and Philip Stutz (from left to right in picture below) to their successful PhD.  More...
  • Lorenz Fischer Lands published third paper this year on Workload Scheduling in Distributed Stream Processors using Graph Partitioning

    Lorenz Fischer is having a successful publication season. His third paper this year on Workload Scheduling in Distributed Stream Processors using Graph Partitioning  got accepted to the 2015 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (IEEE BigData 2015). The paper is a refinement of the approach he presented at an ISWC workshop in 2013 and was additionally extended [...]More...
  • Cosmin Basca, recent DDIS graduate, joins ORACLE labs

    Cosmin Basca, who just recently defended his thesis, will be joining ORACLE Labs in Zurich. This is a great success for Cosmin, who was researching federated triple-stores. Well done Cosmin!More...
  • Lorenz Fischer’s joint paper with Yahoo! Labs published at ISWC

    Lorenz is on a roll. His paper “Timely Semantics: A Study of a Stream-based Ranking System for Entity Relationships ” was accepted to be presented at the International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) in Bethlehem, PA, this fall. The paper discusses the possibility of using stream processing rather than a batch-based system to ensure the recency/freshness [...]More...
  • Lorenz Fischer Defends his thesis

    On June 29 Lorenz Fischer successfully defended his thesis “Efficient Distributed Stream Processing: Optimization Approaches and Applications.” In his thesis Lorenz explores new, highly-efficient approaches for managing stream processing systems. You can find a number of his papers announced in this blog… Congratulations Lorenz!More...

Dynamic and Distributed Information Systems Group

DDIS Group Photo
DDIS Group Photo

Welcome to the home-page of the Dynamic and Distributed Information Systems Group

We focus on research in the areas of:

  • Semantic Web / Linked Open Data
  • Machine Learning
  • Human Computer Interaction

and the combinations of the above. 

Please explore our new home-page using the menu on the left or look at the news on the right.

We will try to port incerasing amounts of our old home-page, which is available here.