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Incremental Centroid Decomposition for Online Time Series (BSc/MSc)


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Mourad Khayati

Short Curriculum

Mourad Khayati
Mourad Khayati is a research assistant and doctoral student at the University of Zurich in the Database Technology Research Group working on his doctoral thesis under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Michael Böhlen.

Research projects

  • REVIVAL (2010-now): Recovery of Missing Values in Time series
  • MEDAN (2009): Competence Center for Medical Data Warehousing and Analysis

Student projects


Publications (DBLP)

  • M. Khayati, M.H. Böhlen and C-M. Philippe: Using Lowly Correlated Time Series to Recover Missing Values in Time Series: a Comparison between SVD and CD, In Proc. of the 14th International Symposium on Spatial and Temporal Databases (SSTD-15), Seoul, South Korea. Paper.
  • M. Khayati, M.H. Böhlen and J. Gamper: Memory-efficient Centroid Decomposition for Long Time Series, In Proc. of the 30th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE-14), pages: 100-111, 2014, Chicago, Illinois, USA. Paper PosterSoftware.
  • M. Khayati, M.H. Böhlen and J. Gamper: Scalable Centroid Decomposition, IFI Technical Report # IFI-2013.08, Version 1, 2013, Department of Informatics, University of Zürich.Report.
    Note: The proof of the local optimal choice property (Lemma 6) of ICDE'14 paper has been extented to include all possible cases.
  • M. Khayati, M.H. Böhlen: REBOM: Recovery of Blocks of Missing Values in Time Series. In Proc. of the 18th International Conference of Managment of Data (COMAD-12), pages: 44-55, 2012, Pune, India. Paper Software.

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